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Youngest WBF champion crowned in the United States

There are climactic moments in the sport of Boxing, those that bleed over like liquid gold as to how special of an epoch this truly is. Fayetteville North Carolina, a boxing footprint that is steadily shining its competitive light to their region of the sport. The boxing community was invited to an electric night of boxing hosted in Charlotte NC under Vegas Grand Boxing Promotions in a much-anticipated championship showcase.

Michael Williams Jr, a 19 year old boxing phenomenon is the dynamite prodigy of legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr. Williams Jr, a youthful Carolinian boxer who has registered a heavy following on his home soil in distinguishing himself as one of the top performing fighters out of that boxing resident today.

Michael Williams Jr,

His notoriety rumbled throughout the boxing community in anticipation for his championship bout on November 17th 2018. The bout was scheduled for eight rounds of action. His opponent a highly skilled, slick and crafty boxer who would be his toughest test to date, especially for a boxer like Williams Jr with only a quarter of the experience to his professional ledger.

On fight night- Williams Jr poised in his preparation remained focused back stage receiving last minute instructions from his legendary trainer and former WBF World Champion Roy Jones Jr. Then it was time, the echo of the roar of the crowd bellowed backed to the warm-up area. A quick prayer and the ring-walk commence.

Williams Jr breached the side entry to deafening cheers screaming �150-150-150� an alias of a dichotomized honour to the 300 percent of his father emulated work ethic. Pacing in his glory as he circles the outside apron of his square domain, he soaked it all in and then split the ropes for a showdown that everyone in attendance came to see. Undefeated super star undressed his battle-ready garb as both fighters came to centre ring for the referees instructions. No more talking, the test was now.

Michael Williams Jr,

As the bell sounded to commence the fight, his opponent anxiously pressed forward to enforce his offence but Williams Jr sustained sharpness in his reaction to counter effectively. These two warriors battled in their exchanges throughout the upcoming rounds up to the sixth. A contest betwixt both highly skilled boxers would finally see his opponent penetrate a solid defensive vigilant Williams Jr with a crushing straight right hand sending him into the ropes. Those in attendance on their feet sensing the pugilist tide turning in favour of an upset, but would soon exhale as the metal to Williams Jr chin absorbed any noticeable damage as he regained control with surgical combinations to win the round.

Heading into the championship frames, both fighters box at their effective ranges. Williams Jr looking the fresher of the two combatants, working his precision jabs, delivered blistering shots to the body and really demonstrated his diesel gas tank of combinations boxing out the final bell.

What a showcase fight of the night contender, hearing the announcer Mr Walter Waite read all scores in favour of Williams Jr in a unanimous points decision "And New" WBF Silver International Welterweight Champion - The building erupted in chaotic approval as the belt was place around the waist for what would be the youngest WBF Champion in boxing history.

Michael Williams Jr, the name etched in the company of titled greats before him.

This was a grand performance, one that will only fuel his boxing starlight into the constellation of popularity, as he awaits his next challenge in the squared-sphere of boxing. 150%

Michael Williams Jr,

Story by Scottie White