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About World Boxing Foundation

The World Boxing Foundation was established in 1988 in Tennessee (USA) by its first President Mr. Larry Carrier under the name World Boxing Federation. The WBF over the years since has grown into a truly global championship sanctioning body and is recognized as a professional organization with strong values of honesty and Integrity with an unbiased approach when sanctioning championship contests all over the world.

With the assistance of both computerized ratings and record keeping agencies across the globe, the WBF truly believes that all professional boxers deserve the opportunity and pathway to be recognized as legitimate champions and will continue to provide these opportunities via our international representatives.

With two serving Presidents since Mr. Carrier in 1988, namely Mr. Ron Scalf (United States) and Mr. Jonathon Feld (United Kingdom), the year 2004 was an important one for the WBF in that the fourth appointed President of the WBF Mr. Mick Croucher of Australia after legally taking control of the organization, renamed the WBF whilst importantly keeping its internationally and legally trademarked acronym and brand to the World Boxing Foundation. Mr. Croucher remains the President of the WBF today.

The WBF firmly believes that all stake holders and industry participants within the sport of professional boxing across the world should be afforded the opportunity when seeking championship contests to be treated with transparency and most importantly with fairness.

The WBF as a world championship sanctioning body complies with all international regulatory boxing commissions and government agencies. We are a member of the Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports Association and the WBF is also deemed compliant with the Muhammad Ali Act of 2000 (USA) commonly known as the Ali Act.

WBF Champions, both world and regional, across all weight divisions are internationally recognized and are awarded and presented with the organizations beautifully hand crafted and globally recognized WBF championship belt that is often referred to around the world as the ‘Blue Belt’ weighing 2.6 kilograms, and all championship belts are presented with their own display case.

The WBF appreciates the sacrifices made by all professional boxers across the world within such a competitive sport and understands that most may never be afforded the opportunity to fight for and indeed be recognized as a championship title holder, hence why the WBF truly operates under its popular motto….. The Original WBF, World Boxing Foundation …… “Creating opportunities for boxers all over the world since 1988”.