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WBF World Interim JNR Welterweight Title

Josh King (14-3) fought Charlie King (18-4) for the WBF interim worldwelterweight title. The fight was scheduled for ten rounds. Kingstarted the fight fast looking to get on the inside of Charlies longjab. Despite Charlies Height and reach advantage he never really managedto keep Josh away for the duration of the fight.

In the third round Charlie was cut over the left eye by a punch. Inthe 4th the doctor was called to take a look and he ruled the fightcould continue. Josh continued to pressure Charlie and had him badlyshaken in the 7th at which point Charlie's corner man, Steve Deller,threw in the towel to signify to referee Tony Kettlewell that he'd seenenough.

Time of stoppage was 2.17. Up to that point, Judge Adam Height hadthe fight 60-54 for Josh and judges Adrian Cairns and John Hogg both sawthe fight 59-55 for Josh.