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WBF to launch ‘Amateur Masters’ Boxing in South Africa and the United Kingdom

As Amateur Masters Boxing is gaining momentum and popularity around the world, the WBF is about to launch its new division headed by Mr Kim Gray of Australia who has recently been appointed the Vice President of the newly formed WBF Amateur Masters Division (AMD)

Mr Gray brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with Amateur Masters Boxing and has been one of the pioneers of the boxing concept in Australia for the past 7 years which has been extremely successful.

With boxers around the world both retired Amateurs and Pros being given this opportunity to contest WBF Sanctioned Amateur Masters titles over the age of 41 years, the future looks bright for those that know the sport stays with you and is in your blood so to speak.

Representatives in South Africa and the United Kingdom are excited to be able to assist promoters wishing to host and promote WBF Amateur Masters contests and their contact details will be released soon.  

More information and the official launch and media release is only a matter of weeks away…. Stay tuned….

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