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WBF Super Welterweight World Title Remains Vacant

Following a pulsating clash between Craig Docherty and Chas Symonds at the Lagoon Centre in Paisley, the WBF Super Welterweight Championship of the World remains vacant.

Ending in a draw with scores of 114-116 for Symonds, 118-111 for Docherty and an even 115-115, it was an unsatisfactory end for both fighters.

Scoring in boxing matches will always be a subjective business and this contest split opinion among large amounts of the boxing fraternity.

An engrossing match with constant action, the bout was a delight for the packed crowd to watch but tricky to score. One judge favoured Symonds' work rate, one preferred Docherty's educated defence and countering with the last unable to separate them.

Speaking to the fighters a few days after the bout, both were keen to stake their claim to victory. Croydon's Symonds, bitterly disappointed at the result, felt he was undervalued as a fighter:
'I never got out of second gear for the whole contest...he only threw ten punches a round'

'He underestimated me and thought he just had to turn up to knock me out'

Chas Symonds

Chas, who entered the bout sporting a welt under his eye from a tough training camp, is adamant the fight was his by at least three rounds.

Wishing Docherty well for the future with the type of equanimity we've come to expect from professional fighters, Chas left the concept of a rematch open.

Stating that he'd be interested in the bout if the remuneration was acceptable:
'I have to stop working to train, so make it worth my while and we'll fight'

Glasgow's Docherty, still nasal and suffering from a previously undisclosed viral infection, was dismissive of Symonds' view that he'd been taken lightly:

'I've been hampered with a virus that disrupted my training for the ten days leading up to the fight'

Stating that he was forced to alter his game plan and box more economically, owing to an incomplete cardio programme, he feels his smarter, more effective boxing should have brought him the title:
'If I thought the scores were accurate, I'd have put my hands up and accepted it'

'You can't score a fight on shadow boxing, you need to land punches in the scoring area and that didn't happen', he added in regards to Chas' claim of superior work rate.

'Doc', who blames the alteration to his marauding style squarely on the illness, looks forward to a rematch or the next available challenger:
'I'm a consummate pro who saw the fight through, despite not being 100%..... I'd be able to stop him if I was fully fit.'

If the rematch cannot be arranged, both have options available to them, their stock having been improved by the memorable clash.