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WBF Amateur Masters Olden Gloves II

Undisputed Promotions boss Mr Kim Gray and his supportive team are proud to promote the second instalment of the 2021 annual WBF Amateur Masters ‘Olden Gloves’ Tournament.

With the global Covid pandemic still playing havoc around the world, travel restrictions and training have been hindered for Amateur Masers Boxers hence why the huge annual event had to be split into two big tournaments.

Olden Gloves II, billed as ‘Coming out of Covid’ will kick off at 9am in the city of Caloundra, Queensland, Australia February 12th, 2022. There will be over 20 WBF (AMD) National Titles on the line and 4 WBF (AMD) World Titles to also be decided.

The WBF would like to wish all boxers that have been registered, matched and locked in for what should be an amazing promotion once again by Undisputed Promotions.

Amateur Masters Boxing continues to grow rapidly all over the globe and the WBF Amateur Masters Division (AMD) headed by Mr Kim Gray is considered the Pioneer in Amateur Masters Championship Boxing around the world. With WBF (AMD) now operating in Australia, South Africa, United States and within days of this article being published an announcement will be made regarding further expansion of the division into Asia.

Kim Gray will certainly be a very busy man with the expansion but says is looking forward to the challenge.

Promoters and Amateur Master Boxers around the World wishing to know more about the WBF Amateur Masters Division can contact Mr Kim Gray or email the WBF directly from the contact page.

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