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WBF Amateur Masters in Victoria Australia

Last Saturday was another awesome display of the Masters Boxing Community, the team at MBV produced another well-oiled event showcasing these courageous and dedicated athletes.

For those who do not follow Masters boxing – MBV (Masters Boxing Victoria) is a dedicated non profit organization dedicated 100% to Masters Boxing. The MBV team along with WBF, VABL & Combat sports put on Training days and Live streamed Fight nights for the Masters Community. Along with superb insurance, sanctioning and an unquestionable commitment to safety with match making and equipment these events are quickly becoming a highlight in the Melbourne Boxing Calendar.

With 2 sold out Sessions containing a plethora of boxing from 34-year-olds to 72-year-olds – males and females, the night was destined to be a success.

Peter Lindsay & WBF President Mick Croucher
Peter Lindsay & WBF President Mick Croucher

Mark Galea age 53 vs Manjit Singh age 57 – WBF AUSTRALIAN TITLE

Mark is a well-known representative in the Masters game across Australia, racking up multiple titles and never shying away from a fight. Manjit however was boxing away from home and entering hostile territory.

The bout started well with Mark pushing forward trying to control the bout and ace with quick fast combinations. Manjit took some pressure in the first round but did not seem flustered staying relaxed whilst trying to utilize his reach advantage.

Manjit started to get comfortable in the middle rounds – managing to slow the pace of the bout with some nifty footwork and nice feints, making mark hesitate and overthink his position.

Going into the last round this writer had Manjit ahead and Mark needing a big round. You could see the frustration in Mark as he pushed hard and tried to force the pace – Manjit however declined him any position and continued his control whilst even putting Mark on the defensive to finish strong.

Winner – Manjit Singh – The new WBF 64kg Australian Masters Champion

Manjit Singh & Mark Galea
Manjit Singh & Mark Galea

Fred Sharp age 71 vs Peter Lindsay age 71

One of the best bouts of the night featured two Masters boxers who were both making their debut in the squared circle at the ripe age of 71 years old. Fred Sharp took on Peter Lindsay at 69kg over 3 x 1.5 min rds.

The pace started amazingly quick for these 2 gentlemen with Fred blazing forward looking to blow his opponent away quickly, Peter was under a lot of pressure throughout the first round, but managed to keep his composure whilst throwing his piston like jab constantly.

The jab became his pathway, as the bout went on through the rounds you could see Fred slightly succumbing to the pace and even though he never stopped, the cleaner shots were coming from Peter. The decision was a split going in favor of Peter Lindsey.

With 142 years between them, this bout was a pleasure to watch.

Leonard Ritchie age 47 vs Michael Salamon age 47 – State Title Eliminator bout

Both the above-named boxers have competed in previous MBV shows and were well up for this opportunity to take a step closer to a title challenge. With 2 very different styles these two went to work quickly: Leonard utilizing his speed and footwork rotating angles and establishing range, whilst Michael used great head movement with fast feet to close the range and get off with multiple combinations.

These guys were a credit to the sport and the bout could have been placed on any main event card in the state and any spectator would have been overjoyed. This was a close nit affair and could have gone either way without complaint.

Winner: Leonard Ritchie – who will now be fighting for the WBF Title on Sat 10th Sept.

Female Bout: Kia Montgomery age 38 vs Jessica Beatson

Our 3rd Female Masters Bout of the evening and these girls did not disappoint. Kia and Jess both went the distance of 3 rounds with Jess using her quick counter hooks to turn off and reposition whilst Kia pushed hard using pressure and combinations to hold Jess in place. Another great display of boxing with Kia’s work rate being the deciding factor.

Winner: Kia Montgomery

Christopher Hume age 45 vs James Stewart age 42 – 86kg – MBV State Title

Before I get into this bout, can I just say what a pleasure it has been watching these two athletes develop over the last season of MBV events. They both had their debuts at the same show – both boxed on all our events this year, both undefeated in all bouts, both winning their eliminators in stylistic fashion, both committed and dedicated people not just in their work life’s but also their generosity to the community, charity and support to the everyday person.

Unfortunately, as nice as they are, once they get in the ring, they are ruthless. The bout started with James and Christopher feeling each other out, using probing jabs and a quick 1 2 to ascertain and look for weakness in their opponents. The crowd was so loud during this bout due to both boxers creating a huge following over the past 12 months including making most the other competitors’ fans of their craft.

The bout went the distance and had everything – clean shots, quick shots, combinations, wild swings and crucial shots making each opponents legs buckle at one stage in the fight.

James Stewart won the bout – but the biggest winner was Masters Boxing, these two warriors are a stand out to the community and the way they behave within the sport. We cannot wait to see them both progress to future title and awards.

Winner: James Stewart – MBV STATE CHAMPION

There were so many awesome bouts – we wish to thank every boxer and their families along with all support staff, volunteers and coordinators for every event we host.

The Masters community is something special and is more of a family support network / fundraising organization and open forum for all to enjoy support in their life and their mind.


Written by Craig Uphill