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WBF Amateur Masters Division - 3 World Title Defences in North Queensland Australia

Undisputed Promotions has hosted yet another WBF all Amateur Masters tournament headlined by 3 x WBF (AMD) World Title defences in North Queensland, Australia over the weekend.

Justin Clements vs Kial Engstrom

Justin ‘War Horse’ Clements (Australia) faced fellow countryman Kial Engstrom in an action packed fight. Rounds 1 through 4 saw the defending champion Clement’s showing his higher level of experience outpointing his willing opponent who rallied at stages in what was generally a very competitive fight.

At the final bell after 6 very busy rounds, Justin Clement’s just too classy for the very fit and durable Engstrom and had his hand raised in victory via way of unanimous points decision to retain his WBF (AMD) World Light Heavyweight crown.

WBF Amateur Masters World Light Heavyweight Champ Justin Clements (Australia) has successfully retained his Crown by defeating Kial Engstrom via way of Unanimous Decision. Congratulations Justin, you continue to impress!

Riccardo Monteleone vs Mark "Chopper" Burgess

The combatants in this bout were Riccardo Monteleone of Western Australia and Mark "Chopper" Burgess of Queensland, Australia.

The fight was fast paced throughout. Monteleone spent the majority of the fight on the inside and trying to stay away from the stalking Burgess. Burgess had a lot of success pressing forward and trying to catch Monteleone in the centre of the ring, where Monteleone did some of his best work on the ropes and in the corners.

Monteleone managed to land some nice counter punches to keep Burgess at bay. Both were on heavy legs and looked weary after 5 gruelling rounds and Monteleone found it hard at times to avoid Burgess’s offensive style. In a crowd pleasing and tough seesawing bout, both camps were claiming victory at the final bell that eventuated in split points decision to Monteleone who was crowned the new WBF AMD World champion. This one has rematch written all over it and would make for a great first defence of ‘Rock’n’ Ricardo’s new crown.

WBF Amateur Masters World Cruiserweight Champ Mark 'Chopper' Burgess (Australia) faced off against Ricardo Monteleone in a very close contest resulting in a Split Points decision ......... And NEWWWW WBF (AMD) World Cruiserweight Champ...... Ricardo Monteleone...... Congratulations Ricardo and we look forward to your first Title defence!

Sunny Raitava v David Birchell

Defending WBF World Amateur Masters champion Sunny Raitava from Mount Isa Queensland, Australia, successfully retained his WBF (AMD) World Heavyweight title when he faced late replacement David Birchell of New South Wales, Australia. Raitava’s original opponent David Litzow of the Northern Territory, Australia withdrew injured. Birchell was giving away considerable height and reach against the champion.

The action started from the opening round, when the challenger was struggling to get inside the taller rangier defending champion who used his long jab and straight right hands to keep Birchell at distance. In the second round, a straight right hand to the sternum affected Birchell, but he rose to the challenge being the experienced master boxer that he is…… Tough as nails…..

As the bout progressed Raitava wore his willing opponent down, and to the challenger’s credit he did not stop trying throughout the fight. At the conclusion of round 4, referee Wayne Nichols asked the ring side Doctor to examine Birchell in his corner and on the Doctors advise, the bout was stopped thus the champion retained his crown via way of TKO (Doctor stopped contest 4 of 6)

The champion Sunny Raitava may defend his crown against his originally scheduled opponent David Litzow 22nd April 2023 at Caloundra in Queensland, Australia in the Main Event of an Undisputed Promotions card billed as ‘REDEMTION’

WBF Amateur Masters World Heavyweight Champ Sunny Raitava (Australia / Fiji) has successfully defended his World crown yet again by defeating David Birchall via way of Doctor’s stoppage late in the 4th Round....... Congratulations Sunny!

Word on the street has it, that talks are underway for the possibility of Raitava and Clements making a defence of their World Titles in Europe (We will keep you posted on updates should this eventuate)

Congratulations to all Amateur Masters Boxers that competed on the Promotion as you did yourselves, your families your gyms and your sponsors proud.

Special mention to WBF (AMD) Vice President Mr Kim Gray and his team from Undisputed Promotions for hosting another successful WBF Amateur Masters Event in Australia.

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