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WBF Amateur Masters Boxing alive and well in Europe

Recently in Europe, an Amateur Masters Tournament was promoted by Beat Boxing Promotions and by all accounts it was a huge success. Boxing fans gathered at the ERSC Stadium in Amberg, Germany to witness an extraordinary boxing event. The tension was palpable, the atmosphere electric, and expectations high. But the event exceeded even wildest imaginations. WBF European Representative Mr. Toby Mihalik’s name is now etched in the annals of European boxing as he himself, also played a starring role on the stacked card.

Prior to the much-anticipated event, Toby promised a spectacle that would not disappoint the audience and he kept his word. He entered the stadium to thunderous cheers from his loyal fans and finally left it as the newly crowned WBF Heavyweight world champion in the over-50 years age group as well as claiming the AM Sports / AMB Association championship title. His opponent, Italian based Mario Rossi, proved to be a worthy opponent, but when the bell rang at the end of the final round, it was Mihalik who had his hand raised by the referee in charge of the action and crowned the unanimous points victor on the night.

A rematch was promised, a gesture of fairness and respect that embodies the sporting spirit of boxing. But the boxing event offered much more than just a highlight. With a total of 30 fights ranging from newcomers to experienced masters, there was something for every boxing fan. The peaceful, sporty atmosphere, which seemed like a big family, contributed to the unique atmosphere. It was a place where passion for the sport united and rivalries were fought in a fair and respectful manner. The careful organization by Beat Boxing Promotions guaranteed everything ran smoothly, while at the same time always working to improve the events.

With six title fights ranging from national championships to world championships, the event offered a wide range of boxing action that captivated spectators. Another highlight was the presence of patron OBM Cerny, who praised the commitment as unique and promised to support everything that advances the sports city of Amberg. These words underline the importance of sport for the community and urban development.

Overall, Saturday's boxing event at the ERSC Stadium was not only a spectacle for the eyes, but also a celebration of sport and human passion. It shows that boxing is more than just a competition, but a source of inspiration and cohesion for everyone involved. Additionally, Toby Mihalik has announced that he is planning an all-female event due to huge demand. This step is not only a sign of the growing importance of women's boxing, but also a tribute to the impressive achievements of female athletes. It's time to give the women's division the respect and recognition it deserves. Mihalik's initiative underlines the commitment to equality in sport and promises another captivating chapter in the world of boxing.