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WBF Amateur Masters (AMD) continues to be a success!

Queensland, Australia was again host to a huge WBF Amateur Masters event recently promoted by WBF Vice President of the Amateur Masters Division Mr. Kim Gray and his loyal team from Undisputed Boxing Promotions.

After the promotion, Kim writes:

There's always a big question when it comes to these sort of events…. What version of the boxer will turn up on the night?

Masters Boxing is a complex sport with a simple premise, out-perform your opponent and either hit them more effectively to win on the point system, or hit them so hard or so often that they can't continue to compete… WBF Masters Retribution Event we ticked all the boxes.

Now this is where the simple premise becomes not so simple.

Masters Boxing beyond the premise is very complicated, and filled with conflicts that define what it means to be an Amateur Masters Boxer….  Age, Injuries, Bucket listers, Former Professionals, Amateur experience and Novices. With age comes maturity but also wear and tear…..It is a complicated and tricky process to manage the personalities and idiosyncrasies of Grand Fathers or Grand Mothers, Mums and Dads being competing in front of their children and or grandchildren.

What once was, isn't any longer…..sad but true. If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done before…..and with age it becomes more difficult….even more difficult is identifying and locating fit healthy willing opponents for 60 - 70 year olds, who can pass the medicals.

Most 50-60-70 year olds are in bed by 8 pm and spend Saturday night on the coach with a cup of tea and a good book or movie…..instead of Boxing in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands of people.

BUT…here we are …blessed to be surrounded by people who are making the world sit up and take notice of them….to which we say Congratulations.

After an extended break from the Masters scene Anthony “Chook” Fowler returned to form with a spectacular 3rd stoppage to return to the winner’s circle in the super heavyweight division, the Ringside Doctor: Dr James Conville stopping the bout due to a cut over the left eye caused by a scoring punch. Veteran Fighter Col parker was also unlucky catching a telling blow in the 3rd round of his bout forcing the Doctor to again halt proceedings.

Joel Herlihy was victorious over incredibly tough Dan Vasquez, who suffered a bicep injury in his bout, but fought to the final bell in a courageous performance one handed. Hopefully we can run this one back again in the future when Dan recovers.

The card boasted 34 bouts of entertaining boxing, some of the bouts were absolutely world class match ups……Tough Townsville Master Boxer Simon took home the title strap after a late withdrawal from his previously named opponent ….. Simon said later "Everything from the training camp paid off tonight. I'm happy with my performance. I'm thankful for the opportunity to compete and injuries at our age are unfortunately common place.”

The main event was worthy of its placement at the very top of the card with 67-year-old Peter Meades taking on 63-year-old Mark ‘Chopper’ Burgess in a classic battle of a walk-up front foot pressure fighter taking on a slick and talented Boxer… An action filled bout and extremely fast paced contest saw Mark take the win on points over Peter in a non-stop crowd-pleasing bout.

Mark holds the 60–65 years of age title with Peter Winning the over 65-year age bracket title.

After suffering a hiccup when he fell short in attempting to fight down an age bracket against Riccardo Monteleone for the under 60 years strap, the 63 year old superstar has now won three fights in a row and will wait to see what's next….. Las Vegas perhaps?

Fight of the Tournament went to Jodie Thackway 42y 58.1kg (UBX Sunshine Coast) v   Amanda Douglas 45y 59.1kg (Knuckles Gym Townsville) Congratulations girls on what was by all accounts, a cracking fight.      

We will see you all on 16th March 2024 two weeks after returning from our USA invasion for our “No Turning Back” event.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in early 2024 will see a Team of Amateur Masters head to the United States to compete in a massive Amateur Masters event so look out America, The Aussies are coming for you…!!!