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The Nightmare crowned WBF World Super Middleweight Champ

Nathan Decastro has been crowned WBF World Super Middleweight Champ after winning the vacant strap in style by stopping former WBA world title challenger Mexican Fernando Castaneda in the 5th round with a vicious body shot in the United Kingdom. The Championship bout was an absolute action packed cracker of a fight but certainly not one for the purists...

Round 1

Both fighters meet each other head on, neither wanting to take a backword step and throwing leather, both fighters going at it at a fast pace and both landing good head and body shots with Castaneda almost going down toward the end of the round. In a tight round, Decastro has more success and the pattern is set.

Nathan Decastro v Fernando Castaneda


Both fighters clash centre ring and continue a very fast pace with both landing good shots but Decastro really going for broke and lands some clean head shots causing the crafty Mexican to hold to recover on more than one occasion. It's really a fight now and pretty scrappy but the crowd are on their feet.... Decastro takes the round...

Round 3

The pair are straight at it again with both not willing to wait and ponder. Heads clash and both throwing plenty. Decastro the stronger and heavier blows with Castaneda holding and wanting to stay on the inside and wrestle, but Decastro wasn't having any of it finishing the round with great head and body shots. Both fighters now marking up around the face and eyes as a result of the roughhouse tactics and constant head clashes but the Mexicans face and body now bruising up after constant body attacks from Decastro. Crowd still on their feet enjoying a real scrap of a fight.

Nathan Decastro v Fernando Castaneda

Round 4

Fast pace again loads of leather being thrown by both men but Decastro bossing it now and definitely having more success with the power shots causing Castanada to try and hold and wrestle and heads boring in again.... Decastro`s round

Round 5

Same pattern as the previous round with Decastro going for the kill just all power shots no messing around and is really busting Castaneda up now and lands a peach of a body shot folding the Mexican up and down he goes to the canvas. Writhing in pain as the referee in charge counts him out and calls the Doctor and paramedic into the ring as Castandeda was struggling to breath. After a few minutes the Mexican was on his feet to the applaud of the crowd and took a stool to recover.

Nathan Decastro v Fernando Castaneda
Nathan Decastro has been crowned WBF World Super Middleweight Champ

This was a real barnstormer of a fight, a real crowd pleaser with nonstop start to finish action with Nathan Decastro relentless with power shots winning him the vacant crown.

Official Result - Nathan Decastro (UK) def Fernando Castaneda (Mex) KO 5/12

Nathan Decastro has been crowned WBF World Super Middleweight Champ