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The Golden Boy Tyson Lantry crowned WBF Australasian Lightweight Champ

Australian Tyson Lantry has been crowned the new WBF Australasian Lightweight Champ in Doyalson, NSW Australia after defeating a very tough and tricky Fijian in Krihnil Mudaliar.

With a capacity crowd in attendance, the Main Event for the vacant WBF Australasian Lightweight title went the scheduled distance but not without a few twists and turns along the way. The first round went according to most Championship fight blue prints with both boxers starting slow and feeling each other out. Lantry listening carefully to his corner man and coach former WBF World Super Middleweight Champ Jamie Pittman. The Fijian Mudaliar happy to sit on the back foot and occasionally counter and move as he made Lantry miss more often than not as he cautiously came forward looking to control the round.

Tyson Lantry vs Krihnil Mudaliar
Tyson Lantry vs Krihnil Mudaliar

The second round saw Mudaliar still happy to counter the Australian as he came forward and scored the cleaner shots throughout the round and was awarded the round on 2 of the 3 judges score cards. The middle rounds saw Lantry open up as he gained in confidence and pressured Mudaliar into the ropes and corners and relentlessly attacked the body of the Fijian who cheekily smiled and called Lantry on as if baiting him into his counter punching style.

Round 5 had Mudaliar on the receiving end of a relentless body attack whilst trapped in his own corner and eventually took a knee for an 8 count. To his credit he was up quickly and ready to fight on.

Tyson Lantry vs Krihnil Mudaliar
Tyson Lantry vs Krihnil Mudaliar

A controversial round 6 had both boxers exchanging until Lantry pressured Mudaliar into a corner and they tied up. In the clench a frustrated Lantry appeared to head butt the Fijian as the referee stepped in to break them. Even though there were no cuts visible, the Fijian complained that he couldn't see so the referee called the Doctor to ringside. Mudaliar, like a true warrior didn't want the fight stopped and wanted the fight to continue. The Doctor allowed the bout to continue but not before Lantry was deducted a point for an intentional head butt.

The remaining rounds had Lantry on the front foot in a dominating display of boxing pressuring the willing Fijian into the corners where he continued his crippling body attack until the final bell.

Official Result - Tyson Lantry (Aus) def Krishnil Mudaliar (Fiji) via UD

Tyson Lantry and team