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Shiva Mishra crowned WBF Australasian Lightweight Champ in Sydney, Australia

New Zealander Shiva Mishra has stopped highly favoured Sydney based Nigerian Nestor Bolum 10-2 in the third round to claim the vacant WBF Australasian Lightweight Crown.

Power Punching Mishra had a job on his hands after making the trip across the Pacific Ocean facing the well supported, fast and slick Nestor Bolum in the Semi Main Event of a Neutral Corner Fight Promotion that hosted two WBF Regional Championships on the night.

In front of a very vocal and packed Auditorium, the fight started fast with Mishra straight on the front foot wasting no time in trying to unsettle the slick Sydneysider. Bolum was proving to be very hard to hit and with lightning quick hands scored more often than not and was gone. In score and out for the Sydney based Nigerian in the opener. Bolum scoring at will but Mishra seemed to be unperturbed by Bolum's movement and hand speed. A clear Bolum round in the first and looked super sharp and very illusive.

Shiva Mishra vs Nestor Bolum

The second round mirrored the first with Mishra on the front foot and having a little more success landing some heavy shots that he was patient in delivering but Bolum appeared a class above at this stage of the fight with is skill, footwork and hand speed, picking Mishra off and out scoring him for the round.

The third round saw Mishra step up the pace and looked to be closing the range distance on Bolum and landed some clean shots to the head and body whilst looking to load up and missing with the right hand on occasion with Bolum still proving illusive when the New Zealander wanted to mix it up.

Just as the clacking sound from the time keeper to signal 10 seconds remaining in the round could be heard, Mishra had stepped up another gear to cut the ring off on Bolum who's footwork had got him out of trouble up 'until now' and BANG!! Down he goes!! A perfectly timed right hand from 'Showtime' sent Bolum to the canvas.

Struggling to rise to his feet, Bolum to his credit, managed to get up at the count of 8 but stumbled sideways only to be supported and held up by watchful Referee Kevin Hogan who had seen enough and called a halt to proceedings at 2 minutes and 59 seconds of the round.

Shiva Mishra vs Nestor Bolum
Shiva Mishra vs Nestor Bolum
Shiva Mishra vs Nestor Bolum

Official Result - Shiva Mishra def Nestor Bolum TKO 3/8

Image Credit: Tim Barry