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Sebastian Singh crowned WBF Asia Pacific Super Lightweight Champ

Prince Charles Park Nadi Fiji was the venue that was packed to capacity with almost 3000 in attendance to witness the 10 fight professional card headlined by local super star Sebastian Singh. The Fijian Super Lightweight faced off against a very game and rugged Thai in Roonayut Boonraksa who waasn't worried at all about fighting in the Fijian's back yard.

Weigh in done and dusted - Sebastian Singh (Fiji) and Roonayut Boonraksa (Thailand) have both made weight and are ready to headline a 10 fight card at Prince Charles Stadium

This much anticipated championship bout would be the first WBF sanctioned fight to take place in Fiji in many years and it didn't disappoint with the Thai certainly making the trip expecting to win.

Singh had fought abroad on a few occasions and was no stranger to facing an international opponent.

The fight following the blueprint of most championship bouts started slowly but the pace certainly gained momentum as the bout progressed. The Thai was down in the 4th with a body shot and again in the 6th with a flurry from the Fijian that dropped his opponent again but this time the referee had seen enough and waved it away at 1 minute 9 seconds of the 6th Round crowning Singh the new WBF Asia Pacific Champion.

The following best describes the action:

The crowd is vocal as both fighters are announced and make their way to the ring. After the official introductions, the bell sounds for round one and we are underway.

Round 1:

Both fighters just feeling each other out taking a lot on the gloves, The Fijian has Boonraksa on the back foot and lands a few more shots than his opponent. 10-9 Singh.

Round 2:

Again fighters showing a lot of respect of one another each other and towards the end of the round Singh comes home with a flurry of punches landing some good upper
cuts and body shots. 10-9 Singh.

Round 3:

Both fighters looking for openings without much success, Boonraksa counters with left hooks that didn't find their mark with Singh just on top with some crisp jabs. 10-9 Singh.

Round 4:

Singh starts to apply pressure with flurries of punches but the Thai has come to fight and giving his all and fighting back hard, Singh lets loose with punches from all angles and drops Boonraksa with a left rip to the body, the Thai beats the count and fights back until the bell, the crowd roars with excitement. Singh 10-8.

Round 5:

Singh has Boonraksa on the back foot and connects with heavier shots than the willing Thai but nothing that makes any great impact and a fairly even round with Singh just edging it out but not taking the opportunity to step it up after having the Thai in trouble in the previous round. Singh 10-9.

Round 6:

The Fijian now makes his move and decides it is time to step it up and let's loose and connects with a big left hook to Boonraksa dropping the Thai and the referee at the count of 8 decides the Thai has had enough waiving it away for a TKO at 1 minute and 9 seconds of the round.

Official Result: Singh def Boonraksa TKO 6/10