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Innovative change to the WBF Australasian Championship

Shortening the Distance

The World Boxing Foundation Australasian Championship Title underwent a change for the better in recent years according to WBF Vice President Paul Saunders.

The WBF Australasian Championship Title was always a 10 Round Title bout and from June 2016 has been contested over the shorter distance of 8 x 3 Minute Rounds and came into line with the World Boxing Foundation United Kingdom and European Championship Titles of the same scheduled distance.

Shortening the distance of the WBF Australasian Title had a twofold effect. Firstly, it has not only given boxers within its region a unique opportunity to contest a world sanctioning organisation Regional Title but has also served as readiness catapult for them to then go on to contest 10 and 12 round bouts.

This innovative move by the World Boxing Foundation has opened pathways and opportunities that are perhaps limited to fighters early in their careers by any other world sanctioning body, and also presents an opportunity for those fighters that are ‘not quite ready’ so to speak to contest the longer journey of 10 and 12 round bouts within the Australasian Region.

Some will argue that an 8 round bout should not be a ‘Championship Title’ - The decision to shorten the distance of the World Boxing Foundation Australasian Title was largely due to overwhelming opinion of a large number of promoters within the region in favour of the change. Australia (being the prefix namesake of the WBF title) is a country that’s individual states and territories recognise their respective ‘State Champions’ in each weight class contesting a sanctioned 8 round Championship bout.

In reality, the shortened distance of the World Boxing Foundation Australasian Title has not only provided promoters with an opportunity to add a world sanctioning organisation Championship Title to their promotion but has also created the opportunity for those fighters that shed the same blood, sweat and tears and make the same sacrifices as the top tier fighters but will never be afforded the opportunity to be recognised in the same way by those that matter the most…… The fighter’s family, friends, coaches and trainers, supporters and sponsors etc.

For the world’s very small number of top tier fighters by comparison it may be about the money, and perhaps that’s how it should be. For those that may never reach that status it is about recognition. Ask any fighter in the second part that if a sensible opportunity was afforded to them to fight for a Championship Title, the answer will more often than not be exactly the same…. Yes…. Of course!

A Championship Title for any fighter is a goal that is rarely obtained, largely due to the fact that most sanctioning organisations in the world today only offer these opportunities to the fighters that are on a World Class level or definitely walking the pathway to reaching it.

Wouldn’t it be nice, speaking truthfully and honestly to provide that opportunity to fighters to be recognized as legitimate Champions that may struggle to be, or may never reach that world class status …..

Paul Saunders JP

Vice President

World Boxing Foundation