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The World Boxing Foundation was originally established in 1988 under the name World Boxing Federation. Tennessee (USA) was where the organization was born and founded by its inaugural president Mr Larry Carrier, who was a popular figure at the time being the owner of the Bristol International Raceway.

In the following year, the WBF held its first championship bouts and Mr Carrier passed on the presidency of the organization to Mr Ron Scalf, who had been his partner from the beginning. In 2005, Larry Carrier passed away at the age of 82 after a long illness, though his influence on the sport of boxing is still felt to this day.

Under Ron Scalf, the organization blossomed and the WBF grew into a global sanctioning body and held championship bouts all over the world.

In 2002, former Australian professional Mr Mick Croucher was appointed as a WBF Coordinator and Supervisor under its Australian umbrella that was headed by Mr Jack Rennie. With the WBF facing troubled times, Mr Scalf resigned as president of the organization in 2003 and for the following 12 months, Londoner Mr Jonathon Feld acted as its president from England. However, despite Mr Felds efforts, he was ultimately unsuccessful and the World Boxing Federation was now to be dissolved.

Mr Croucher, a man from a strong family boxing dynasty dating back to 1892 was concerned for the integrity and longevity of the organization and as a result took necessary steps to ensure the WBF continued.

After making the trip to the United States in 2004 and meeting with the original board members regarding the acquisition of the WBF, Mr Croucher then legally took control of the organization and changed its name whilst keeping the original acronym WBF to the World Boxing Foundation. Mr Croucher remains the president of the WBF today.

Since its re-establishment, the World Boxing Foundation under its current president and world management structure has flourished into a serious contender to the few more established sanctioning bodies in world boxing today.

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