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2016 WBF Boxing Awards

There were some outstanding WBF Championship bouts around the world in 2015 and it has been a di.... Read More

Scotland’s biggest Boxing Promotion hosts 4 WBF Championship Titles

Promoters all around the world may take a leaf out of Colloseum Promotions Boss Thomas Melville.... Read More

WBF Sanctions Major Boxing & MMA Promotion in Singapore

WBF Official Chris Anderson Mr. Arvind Lalwani of the Juggernaut Fight Club is promoti.... Read More

Mayweather joins World Boxing Foundation Executive Committee

The World Boxing Foundation welcomes former World Champ 'Jazzy' Jeff Mayweather to its executive.... Read More

Scotland hosts 2 WBF World Titles on the same Promotion in 2016

Colloseum Promotions have announced they will be holding a special event at The Glasgow Hotel (f.... Read More

Former WBF World Heavyweight Champion Boxer Publishes Autobiography

Former World Boxing Foundation Heavyweight Champion, Rob Calloway has written his autobiography .... Read More

World Boxing Foundation Asia Pacific Welterweight Title

Aussie Michael Upton captures the Asia Pacific Welterweight Crown in a bout that can only be des.... Read More

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