Scotland’s biggest Boxing Promotion hosts 4 WBF Championship Titles

Promoters all around the world may take a leaf out of Colloseum Promotions Boss Thomas Melville’s book.

Thomas Melville is to be congratulated for putting together such an amazing card April 23rd 2016 with the Main Event being a double header -  Two WBF World Title Bouts as well as two WBF Regional Title Bouts on the undercard as well.

Promoters take note! This is how you put bums in seats!

Scottish boxing fans are in for a real treat with this promotion that sees every fight on the card evenly and well matched.

Sandy Robb v Tony Moran for the WBF World Cruiserweight Title and with an opponent now locked for Craig Docherty, he will face Chas Symonds for the WBF Light Middleweight Crown.

To add even more luster to this amazing event, the undercard will also feature 2 WBF Regional Titles.

Sammy Hill will face Chris Wood for the vacant International Welterweight Title and Frankie Monkhouse with an opponent yet to be named will contest the vacant Intercontinental Welterweight Title.

Sammy Hill v Chris Wood

Can not say enough about this promotion! We hope the venue is large enough to host this amazing event because it will definitely be standing room only!!

Four WBF Titles on the line including two World Titles. This is the first time in the history of the World Boxing Foundation that four Titles have been contested on the same promotion.

Congratulations Thomas Melville of Colloseum Promotions…… The boxing world takes it hat off to you for putting on what fight fans want to see!

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