Danilo Creati Claims Australasian Middleweight Title

Saturday 21st December, a capacity crowd at the Hurstville Entertainment Centre, Sydney Australia were treated to an amazing show promoted by JNI Promotions in conjunction with Billy Hussein that boasted an all professional line up. Up for grabs for two undefeated boxers was the vacant WBF Australasian Middleweight Title between Danilo Creati (Australia) and fellow Aussie Mohammad Alavi. 

The first round saw both fighters cautious and feeling each other out whilst spearing beautiful jabs and moving well. The second saw Creati and Alavi both trying to hold centre ring with both having success at times throughout but Alavi edged the round out on the judge's score cards.

Danilo Creati vs Mohammad Alavi. 

An evenly matched fight with the action heating up in the third with both boys not wanting to take a backward step. Alavi holds his ground in heated exchanges but it's Creati getting the upper hand landing the one or two cleaner shots swaying the judges in his favour for this round.

Alavi rises to the occasion in the fourth round and takes control to the chants of "Alavi, Alavi" from the crowd. A clear Alavi round on all judge's score cards.

It's a close one going into the fifth round which saw a real seesawing battle with both boys having success but its Creati edging out this round. As we head into the sixth round, it's a fight worthy of a title with an all action round, but its Creati again that manages to land a punch or two coming out of the exchanges which gets the attention of the judges.

Danilo Creati vs Mohammad Alavi. 

In a crowd pleasing hard fought seventh round, it appeared both Alavi and Creati sense the fight is close and both were happy to go toe to toe centre ring and not take a backward step.

As we head into the eighth and final round, the fight is closer than the crowd who are now on their feet know and both boys know it's a close one as well as the round saw a copy of the seventh with both Crearti and Alavi having a real good go with not stop exchanges and both not taking a backward step. A real credit to both fighters that showed skill and class well beyond their experience.

At the sound of the final bell, Alavi and Creati both raised their hands to the crowd with confidence that they had secured the win as we head to the judge's score cards and they saw it this way…. 77-75, 78-74 and 77-76 all in favour of the winner by way of unanimous decision and new WBF Australasian Middleweight Champion Danilo Creati.

Danilo Creati vs Mohammad Alavi. 

Danilo Creati vs Mohammad Alavi. 

Congratulations Danilo Creati

Official Result – Danilo Creati def Mohammad Alavi UD 8/8

Photo Credit: Tim Barry

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