Conquest conquers Rosario to capture the vacant WBF Jr North American Lightweight Title

Kings Promotions returned to the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia Friday featuring former National Golden Glove champion and current unbeaten bantamweight Christian Carto of South Philly.

In the Main Event bantamweight Christian Carto, 12-0 (11), of Philadelphia, went the distance for the first time easily defeating a game southpaw in Alonso “El Elegante” Melendez, 14-2 (12), of Chihuahua, MEX, over 8 rounds.
In the co-feature Lightweight southpaw Jerome “The Conqueror” Conquest, 9-2 (1), of Philadelphia defeated Carlos “Rock Hands” Rosario, 7-3 (4), of Pennsauken, NJ, for the vacant WBF Jr North American Lightweight title.


In the first round Conquest used an effective jab to outwork Rosario. In the second round of a close contest Conquest out landed Rosario though few punches were landed. In the third round there was a lack of action with Conquest landing what little did land. In the fourth round a “fight broke out” with both landing combinations. At the bell Conquest landed several punches to the chin of Rosario.

In the fifth round both fighters threw punches at the same time with a Rosario punch going a little south of the border dropping Conquest. The Referee gave Conquest a full 5 minutes to re-cover.


When the contest continued Conquest went right after Rosario landing a flurry of punches. In the sixth round Rosario did too much “show boating” as Conquest dominated with his jab dancing around the ring. In the seventh round Rosario landed a lead right to the chin of Conquest. Knowing he was behind Rosario loaded up hoping to land the right hand as Conquest kept him at bay for the most part with his jab.

In the eighth and final round Conquest stunned Rosario with a right hook to the head. Conquest countered with a straight left to the chin of Rosario. The last 30 seconds were the best of the fight with both throwing bombs and Conquest getting in the better of the two.


Judges David Braswell and Lynne Carter scored the bout 77-74 while judge John Poturaj had it 78-73. Representing the WBF were Greg Hackett along with WBF North American Vice President Mr James Gibbs Jr.   

“It was a great fight as I expected. They have been asking for this fight for a year. I’m getting better and better every year and I want more competition even with the limited amateur experience. I took his best shots and I used my jab knowing he couldn’t adjust to my boxing ability while he loaded up with his right hand,” said Conquest.

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